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About Paolo Benedetti

Aquatic Technology Founder

Paolo founded Aquatic Technology in 1993, upon the premise that "Excellence is the choice of two alternatives." This concept rocketed Paolo to the forefront of aquatic design earning him instant international recognition for his innovative designs. By delivering the utmost in aesthetic design, high-quality construction and customer service, the results always exceeded expectations.

Paolo's passion for pools is apparent the moment you meet him and his enthusiasm is instantly contagious. This passion for his craft has allowed him to create some of the most mechanically and structurally complex swimming pools ever built, while maintaining their subtle simplicity.


These words only partially describe what Paolo offers his clients. Through insightful interviews, Paolo gets to know his clients & their desires for their property. Paolo easily works directly with clients, their architect, or complete teams of design professionals, to create projects that exceed their wildest imagination in form, function, detail and perfection of execution. This is all executed with a keen eye on the architecture of the site and a sharp pencil on the budget.


As a renowned designer, Paolo has set the international standard for innovative swimming pool design. Paolo is an instructor at the Genesis 3 Design Schools and has authored a myriad of articles on the finer points of pool construction and design. He is a pioneer in the field of aquatic design, constantly pushing the envelope, creating a number of firsts that spawned new trends in the industry. An ardent student of world history, art, architecture and religion, this depth of knowledge brings a sense of balance and foundation to his work.


Paolo's designs are truly created with the clients' best interest in mind. By getting to know his clients, he ensures their changing lifestyle will not outgrow the project. Paolo's advocacy for his clients is evident by the passion he displays for his art and attention to the minutest detail.

Returning clients have put their blind faith in Paolo by just "turning him loose." They know full well that they will receive flawless results that will surpass their every desire.

Paolo Benedetti - Aquatic Technology Founder


Paolo has developed a boundless source of materials for use in his projects. Paolo has scoured the globe in search of the finest finish materials or unique treatments to common everyday surfaces. Paolo can always offer ideas for surface treatments that complement any site, architecture or budget, from simple stamped or colored concretes, polished concretes - made to look like terrazzo to fine granites, natural stones, polished marbles, limestone and porcelain tiles.

Paolo can create custom blends of glass tile mosaics that create a truly distinctive scene. Whether it a simple blend of a few colors to evoke the sensations of vacations past or the elaborate patterns of an ancient Roman Villa, Paolo can satisfy any client's desire.

Through the application of his post-graduate studies of art, history, color theory and design, Paolo can create an outdoor environment uniquely yours!


As described by publishers, editors, & clients:

"Paolo Benedetti is one of the top 5 pool designer/builders in the world! He is constantly surprising us with something new and innovative."
- Ed Kahn, Publisher: Luxury Pools, Pool & Spa Living

"Mr. Benedetti is one of the most gifted watershape designers working in the field today . . . his wonderfully creative work is an important example of how and why "watershaping" or "water architecture" is such a vibrant and exciting field." - Eric Herman, Editor WaterShapes Magazine.

. . . Paolo "truly cares about this industry and the mark he leaves on it with everything he does. He is a real professional operating at a real professional's level. If you want to be great in the pool industry Paolo has set a high standard and raised the bar substantially." -- Kevin Woodhurst.

"Paolo's clients are truly blessed with a unique and individual piece of art. A tangible work of art that they can actually become a part of, that actually brings value to the clients' life." - prior client

"The aquatic industry's equivalent of da Vinci or Michelangelo." - prior client

Imagine being able to walk into a Monet painting right in your backyard... or viewing it life sized while savoring a morning cup of coffee.


Paolo or his projects have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, on CNN, and HGTV and in the following magazines:

The Robb Report, Lux (Spain), the Affluent Page, Millionaire, Luxury Pools, WaterShapes, Gentry, Luxury Homes, Options, Dream Home, The Wave, Lexus, The Street, Seasons (the Four Seasons Hotels Magazine), Luxury Real Estate, Aqua, and the Franklin Report.

Aquatic Technology Founder